KC on Open Primaries

Here in Florida, 3.5 MILLION voters are shut out of the nominating process which we call the primaries. NO VOTER SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO JOIN A POLITICAL PARTY TO VOTE.

The people of Florida are fed up with partisan politics. In a recent Gallup poll, the people claimed the top issue with voters was dissatisfaction with government. In order for us to change the way elected officials work for us, WE MUST CHANGE HOW THEY ARE ELECTED.

As Florida’s Governor, I will openly support the fight for open primaries to allow the 3.1 million voters who choose not to join the two major parties to take part in the entire political process.

Not so long ago, open primaries was a fringe issue, but today too many of Florida’s voters cannot participate. As your Independent elected Governor, I will make open primaries a top priority during my first 100 days in office.