KC on Jobs

Job creation, will be one of the top concerns for this administration in helping to make Florida Second to None" Part of my vision for Florida will be to focus on small business development and work with larger companies who move to Florida. I will require that they commit to hiring Floridians contractors and workers. In addition, I will work to protect the jobs we currently have by ensuring that corporations who have large tax incentives, creating the jobs they agreed to create. If they do not hold up their part of the agreement, we will revisit and adjust the incentive accordingly.

My Vision for Florida will also work on investing in ongoing job training programs that keep our workforce up to date on the latest technological advances. A top priority for my Vision for Florida will be to create a mentoring program to build relationships between large and small businesses. This Vision will also target domestic export destinations that can be utilized by Florida's small business to help expand their customer base.

This Vision for Florida will recruit new business to our state. When done, we will not be afraid to make our own requirements known. In return for generous tax incentives we offer. this vision will require the hiring of Florida contractors and workers. Many corporations want to come to Florida because of our large customer base, wonderful weather and lack of state income tax. My vision for Florida will continue to foster a pro business atmosphere while strengthening the protection of jobs for workers. Bringing more jobs to Florida is just one more step to help the state of Florida become "SECOND TO NONE"