About Kyle KC Gibson

Kyle KC Gibson was born in Tallahassee, Florida on December 21st 1969 to George and Joan Gibson two music educators in the school system of Florida. During a class field trip to Florida's Capitol in 1978 Kyle had a chance to meet and speak with the Late Governor Reubin O Askew. It was at that moment Kyle knew he one day wanted to serve as Florida's Governor.  Governor Askew told Kyle to do well in school and keep the Lord close in all endeavors he encounter. Several years later as student at Florida Atlantic University, Kyle had a chance to sit as a student in a class taught by the former Governor where he shared his childhood encounter some 20 years earlier. Again The Governor gave the same advice.Shortly after filing his intent to run, Kyle had yet another chance to sit and speak with Governor Askew. And again Governor Askew gave Kyle the same advice, but added, " never let go of your dreams".

After graduation, Kyle followed in the foot steps of his parents where he too served as a educator in Broward and Indian River counties.

In 1998, Kyle answered his call to the ministry in the African Methodist Episcopal Church where he eventually earned the Masters of Divinity from Turner Theological Seminary of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia. He has served congregations in Georgia and Florida as the Senior Pastor since 2001.

Florida's 35th Governor The Late Former Reuben O Askew
and Kyle during a reception at Florida Atlantic University.

On January 1st 2000, Kyle married Tamara his soul mate at a watch night service. Tamara is a RN and shares in Kyle's Vision for a healthy Florida.

When Kyle first registered to vote he did so as a Democrat because his parents were registered as such. After looking into the history of both parties he switched to the Republican Party. During the time he was registered in both parties Kyle NEVER VOTED A STRAIGHT PARTY TICKET. Four years ago, Kyle made a decision to pull away from the Party way of thinking and identified himself as a person with NO PARTY AFFILIATION. Kyle feel's this give all of us the chance to look at the qualities of all everyone seeking our vote.

KC'S Vision for Florida

  • Florida Education Restructuring Plan (FERP)
  • Ride A Mile 4 Better Health
  • Civil Rights Restoration
  • Florida Retirment System
  • Job creation for Florida
  • Florida Healthy Living Plan
  • See that all votes are counted
  • Invest in the future of our youth